What We Do

We believe that Confluence changes how modern teams work.

It allows to create, share, and collaborate on projects all in one place and keeps your projects moving forward, faster.

However , we find that it is sometimes lack of some features.

We develop Confluence Apps for the missing features which make your team collaborate better

Our Confluence Apps (Plugins)

Code Painter for Confluence

Prettify Your Source Code

Display readable and beautiful code snippets in multiple styles with syntax highlighting for the major programing languages.

Accordion Box for Confluence

Simply collapse content

Ever wanted to present information in a limited amount of space ? Ever wanted to allow the reader to collapse irrelevant information him ?

With this App, you can easily add collapsible content to your pages

Smart Breadcrumbs for Confluence

Simplify navigation

Ever wanted to navigate using the keyboard?
Move to next first child page fast ? Move to next page fast ?

With this App, you can easily navigate in the page tree.

Social Share for Confluence

Make Your Wiki Shareable

Ever wanted to share your content in social networks such Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter ? Ever wanted to share a page via Email or WhatsApp?

With this App, you can easily add social share buttons to your pages.

robots.txt for Confluence

Avoid overloading your confluence

Ever wanted to avoid overloading your confluence with undesired requests?

With this App, you can easily add robots.txt and inform search engines and other crawlers: which pages and resources they can or can't request.

Sitemap for Confluence

Add sitemap to your site

Ever wanted to improve SEO ?

With this App, you can easily add sitemap to your site.