Sitemap for Confluence v1.0.0

About sitemap for Confluence

With this plugin you can add sitemap (a.k.a : sitemap.xml file) and inform search engines about pages on all spaces that are available for crawling.

You can also add metadata to the URLs:

  • What is the mobile version of the page?
  • What the time it was last updated?
  • How important it is?
  • How often it usually changes?

Basic Usage

Suppose your confluence instance is served under http://localhost. After installing the plugin, you can find the generated sitemap.xml under http://localhost/sitemap.xml.

The generated sitemap contains all the public pages on all spaces that are available for crawling.
In other words, It contains all the pages in each space that you can visit anonymously.

Besides the URL of the page, the last modified time of the page is added by default

Informing search engines

Some search engines (such as google and bing) provides dashboard where you can submit the URL of the sitemap.xml. After submiting the sitemap.xml, Some search engines allows you to see the last time the search engine crawled each pages in the sitemap.

The URL of sitemap.xml

If your confluence instance is served on its own domain https://site, the URL of the sitemap is https://site/sitemap.xml. In this case, the search engines should find it and process it.

If your confluence is served under subdirectory https://site/docs, the URL of the https://site/docs/sitemap.xml.

In both cases, It is important to submit the sitemap.xml to search engines that support it

Add optional metadata

Mobile URL field

You can add URL of the Mobile version the page. You can select yes or no.

priority field

You add the priority the page. This value tells how important the page is, relative to other URLs in the site.


  • Do not add this field
  • Page tree level - In this strategy, the priority is based on the level of the page in the page tree. In other words:
    • The root page of each space has the highest priority
    • The children of the root page of each space have second highest priority
    • and so on ...

changefreq field

How frequently the pages are likely to change?

This value provides hint to search engines how often they crawl the pages.

Valid values are:

  • hourly
  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • yearly
  • always - The page changes each time they are accessed
  • never - The page is archived and will not change in the future

Output options

Display HTML

Selecting yes add XSL stylesheet to sitemap.xml. This displays sitemap.xml in human readable format in the browser ( It is still follow the sitemap.xml protocol