Smart Breadcrumbs for Confluence v1.1.1

Your wiki navigation is essential to your user experience.

The Smart Breadcrumbs for Confluence allows the user to know where the current page located in the page's tree and to navigate to the related pages easily.

This improves the user experience and increase the user engagement.

Smart Breadcrumbs

The Related Pages Bar

The Related Pages Bar allows to navigate easily to related pages.
  • To visit the parent page
    • Click Bar's Left Arrow
    • Press CTRL + Left Arrow
  • To visit the first child page
    • Click Bar's Right Arrow
    • Press CTRL + Right Arrow

Related Pages Bar

  • To visit the previous sibling page.
    • Click Bar's Up arrow
    • Press CTRL + Up Arrow
  • To visit the next sibling page
    • Click Bar's Down arrow
    • Press CTRL + Down Arrow

Related Pages Bar

The Children Menu

When you Click in the menu icon located to right of page title - a menu that contains links to all its children pages will be displayed.

The Sibiling Menu